Caring Ministry


Homebound, Communion and Visits to the Sick

Brenda Wellman - (419) 678-4802

Communion ministers take Communion regularly to one or more homebound parishioners.


Nursing Home Ministry

Liz Schindler - (419) 678-2241

This ministry distributes Communion every Sunday to the residents at Briarwood. They also handle the Communion Service and Communion ministry for residents on First Friday, assist with preparations for Mass every Tuesday - helping bring residents in for Mass, preparing the altar, providing music for singing by the residents, reciting the rosary with the residents every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 P.M. Volunteers are welcome to assist in these activities.


Hospital Communion Ministry

Mary Lee Thomas - (419) 678-3259

Each morning Holy Communion is taken to the Catholic patients at Community Hospital. Distributors work in teams. Volunteers are welcome.



Bereavement Minister:  Cindy Muhlenkamp, 419-678-4802, ext. 111 or 419-375-3013

The mission of the Coldwater Cluster Bereavement Ministry is to provide outreach and grief companioning to the family members of those Coldwater Cluster parishioners who have gone before us.  The minister is generally available 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week at the above numbers. The ministry aids the grieving family in planning the Funeral Mass and luncheon.  The Bereavement Minister follows up monthly with the surviving spouse or the surviving parents for the duration of one year.  Also support is offered to surviving adult children and their families.  The minister offers a safe setting to talk and honors the confidentiality of conversations with the bereaved. A lending library with grief materials is available to parishioners during office hours.   A GriefShare Program is facilitated by the minister every year for 13 weeks in order to support parishioners and area citizens who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Widowed Monthly Dinner is held every 3rd Thursday of the month at Pla-Mor Bowling Alley in Coldwater.  For further information call Martha Noll at 419-678-2453 or Peg Muhlenkamp at 419-678-3476.

Child Care

Theresa Kremer - (419) 790-9265

Holy Trinity Church has a childcare program each Sunday during the 10:30 A.M. Mass. The program offers adult-supervised childcare for children (infants - preschoolers) in the church basement. Parents attending the 10:30 A.M. Mass are welcome to bring their children. There is no cost for this service. If you would like more information please contact one of the coordinators listed above.


FOCCUS Couple: Marriage Preparation Program

Father Rick Walling - (419) 678-4802

Couples planning marriage meet with a married couple who are trained to work with our engaged couples. There are usually two meetings. During the first meeting the young couple each completes a form on areas of concern. After these forms are scored by the Archdiocesan office, the young couple again meet with their facilitator couple to discuss areas of concern as shown by their answers. If interested in being a facilitator couple, please contact Father Walling.


Marriage Encounter

Ron and Brenda Wellman - (419) 678-9203

Marriage Encounter is a program to make a good marriage better. The weekend allows a married couple to focus completely on each other - no group sharing takes place.


Food Pantry

Rob Fisher - (419) 678-3538 and Jess Steinke - (419) 678-2498

The Holy Trinity Food Pantry is open on Saturday mornings from 9 - 11 A.M. Anyone in the county who is in need is welcome to use the pantry. The pantry receives its funding from local businesses, churches and charities and our Fifth Sunday collection envelopes. The Spring canned goods drive by the Boy Scouts also goes to the Food Pantry. Helpers are needed on Saturdays. The Food Pantry is located at 830 N. Main St, Coldwater (Mercer Health West Campus).



Cindy Geise - (419) 678-3011

Marlene Pax - (419) 678-3050

Parish Social Helpers are organized by the St. Ann's Altar Rosary Sodality. Coffee and other refreshments are served by people of the parish. This service is for any function followed by fellowship in the church basement. We have a list of people willing to bake cookies and help serve but will be happy to add anyone else to the list.


Prayer Requests

Cindy Hemmelgarn - (419) 678-4084

Persons who have volunteered to pray are contaced and given the intentions. They, in turn, contact the next person on their list for prayers.


St. Ann's Rosary Altar Sodality

Rita Rengers - (419) 678-3437

Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month in May and on the second Saturday in December, which is a breakfast meeting. St. Ann's is open to all women 18 and over. Activities include: care of the altar and kitchen, embroidering baptismal cloths; aiding with the KofC and Community picnics; aiding with Forty Hours, Anointing of Sick, Ecumenical Services and other hospitality events. St. Ann's also coordinates the annual church cleaning which takes place the last week in July.


St. Cecelia Auxiliary, Knights of St. John

Julie Spoltman - (419) 678-3194

The Auxiliary is open to all women age 16 and over. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. The group raises funds for charities through crafts and quilt raffles. There are spiritual benefits. The June meeting is open to potential new members.


The Knights of Columbus

Dan Fullenkamp, Grand Knight - (419) 942-1790

Ralph Gels - Pro Life - (419) 678-3288

Open to all Catholic men age 18 and over. New members must be invited by a present member. Meetings are on the third Thursday of each month in the Church basement. This organization has a wide variety of activities.

Visit the Knights of Columbus website:


Catholic Adults Singles Club

Eileen Lamm - (419) 678-8691

The Catholic Adult Singles club is for adults 21 and older. It enables members to share, trust, and enjoy the ideas and company of other single adults through weekly social, educational, and cultural activities.