Parish Council / Commissions

Parish Council

Larry Schmitmeyer
(419) 678-4914

Council Members: Joe Rose Jr., Denny Knapke, Jenny Bruns, Theresa Diller, Linda Stelzer, Michelle Winner, Roger Kaiser,  Sarah Brunswick

The Parish Council consists of nine members.  The president, vice-president, and secretary are elected by Council members. Other Council members serve as liaison with the various parish commissions according to their interests and desires. Two men and two women are elected annually for two-year terms. The ninth member is the youth representative. The most important function of the Council is to assist in advancing the Catholic faith for all members of Holy Trinity. All issues of parish concern are discussed. Meetings are held regularly. They are announced in advance. Parishioners are invited to share their suggestions and concerns with council members. A summary of each meeting is printed with the parish bulletin.


Worship Commission

Tim Berkenstock
(419) 942-1970

Council Contact
Joe Rose, Jr.

(419) 678-8311

The worship commission helps to coordinate the parish's worship services. The commission meets four times each year. 

Social Action Commission

Mary Honigford
(419) 678-2851

Council Contact
Linda Stelzer
(419) 678-3364


The Social Action Commission is involved in social justice issues, legislation advocacy, education, and social action. The commission meets on the 1st Monday of the month.


Finance / Maintenance Commission

Ellen Homan
(419) 678-4802

Ellen serves as business manager for all three parishes in the Coldwater Cluster.

Council Contact
Jenny Bruns

(419) 678-0158
Roger Kaiser
(419) 678-8319

The Finance/Maintenance Commission meets four times each year. This commission advises the parish council on financial and maintenance matters.


Education Commission

CCD Director
Charmaine Bettinger
(419) 678-3328

Council Contact
Michelle Winner

(419) 763-4044

The Education Commission meets two times each year. The commission is an advisory committee for the religious education program.