Liturgical Ministry

Eucharistic Ministers

Barb Goffena - (419) 763-1404

Eucharistic ministers are a group of parishioners who are scheduled to distribute communion during masses on Saturday evenings, Sundays and Holy days. They also volunteer at weekday masses as needed.


Lectors or Commentators

Barb Goffena - (419) 763-1404

Lectors (commentators) read the Scripture and announcements at Masses. Training is provided.


Servers for Masses

Elementary and High School Servers

Father Richard W. Walling - (419) 678-4802

Boys and girls in grades 5 - 8 are invited to become servers for the weekday Masses. High school boys and girls are invited to serve the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses. They may join at any time.


Adult Funeral Servers

Brenda Wellman, Parish Secretary - (419) 678-4802

Men and women of the parish who serve funeral Masses.



Charles Selhorst - (419) 678-3086

As part of the welcoming activity in the parish, ushers assist people with seating at the services and provide the necessary information about parish facilitie, assist in the good order of the liturgy, and are responsible for collecting the offerings at Mass.