Parish Buildings

The Former St. Anthony Rectory

In 1905 Archbishop Moeller issued orders that all pastors should reside in the place of their parishes. Up until that time, the pastors of St. Anthony lived in Ft. Recovery, at Mary's Home Convent in Jay County, Indiana, or in a room in the "teacher's house" in St. Anthony. In response to the archbishop's order the rectory was built in 1906. It served as home to St. Anthony pastors until 1999.


St. Anthony School

In 1940, as many rural one-room schools were being closed, a new school was built in St. Anthony. This building consisted of three classrooms, a gymnasium/auditorium and a kitchen/cafeteria. It accommodated the influx of students from the other schools in the parish area. As part of the Coldwater School District, grades 1 through 8 attended classes in this building. The high school students were bused to Coldwater. In 1959, a fourth classroom was added to the structure. In 1978 the Coldwater Board of Education determined that it was no longer financially practical to operate the school in St. Anthony and all students were bused to Coldwater. Today the building is used as a parish hall. Rooms are used for religious education classes, parish and community meetings and activities.


St. Anthony Cemetery